Cindy works in a Laundromat. It's her birthday and everything seems just swell until Mr. Postman arrives and gives her all sorts of bad news (PLEASE MR. POSTMAN). Among other things, she has been dumped by her pen-pal boyfriend for someone with better penmanship. After Mr. Postman leaves she becomes depressed and tries 'suicide by laundry' using various laundry items (THE END OF THE WORLD). Just as she has created a noose with a pair of petal pushers and attached it to the agitator of a washing machine, Marge and Dee Dee enter with laundry baskets. As Cindy is being sucked into a washer, Marge and Dee Dee think she's doing a new dance and join in (THE LOCOMOTION). At the end of the number they realize Cindy was trying to kill herself and try to revive her. It turns out Marge and Dee Dee are both 'Guardian Angels' sent down to help Cindy with her dilemma. They both think the other one was sent down by mistake, and an adversary relationship is set into motion. Cindy comes to and tells of her troubles, and Dee Dee offers some advice. (HELP ME GIRL,YOU CAN'T HURRY LOVE) Cindy is inconsolable. The women offer more advice to Cindy, and all three women reflect on lost loves. (Medley: DON'T MAKE ME OVER, ANYONE WHO HAD A HEART, WALK ON BY, ALWAYS SOMETHING THERE TO REMIND ME) As the washer repairman enters to fix a busted washer, Dee Dee describes what Cindy should look for in a man. (BIG MAN) Marge counters with her philosophy, and it turns into a medley with the women becoming increasingly aggressive toward the repairman, until he runs off in horror. (RESPECT, YOU DON'T OWN ME, THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKIN') Mrs. Halo enters to drop off her laundry. She decides to look around the place while Marge and Dee Dee offer more advice. (OUR DAY WILL COME, WHERE THE BOYS ARE) After Mrs. Halo joins in for a little of the number, she exits. When Cindy goes into her office to answer a phone call, Dee Dee and Marge start to argue about how to handle the situation at hand. After Cindy comes back in, Mr. Right enters. Marge and Dee Dee urge Cindy to make a move. (EASIER SAID THAN DONE) Mr. Right and Cindy have an exchange, he leaves a notice on the bulletin board, and when he leaves the women are very excited about his potential as a date for Cindy. But then Cindy reads the notice he left, which reads "Babysitter Wanted"… Cindy is despondent. She starts to have a complete meltdown. Marge tries to cheer her up (A LITTLE BIT OF SOAP) and Dee Dee comes up with 'an idea to end all ideas'. (BIRTHDAY PARTY) She decides to throw a magical birthday party for Cindy, and to provide a fabulous 'mystery date'. Marge and Dee Dee dress Cindy up using anything they can find in the Laundromat. (I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER) Dee Dee works her magic which culminates in a grand entrance for Cindy's date. (MYSTERY DATE) The date turns out to be a disaster: Milt Dudman, a total geek. Cindy is horrified. (IT'S MY PARTY, ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT) As Milt leaves to wait in the car with their chaperone, Cindy reflects on her calamitous birthday. (I DON'T WANNA BE A LOSER)