After the disastrous "party", the Laundromat is a mess. The women seem defeated. (TOWN WITHOUT PITY) As Cindy cleans up, Marge and Dee Dee look to the heavens and have a little consultation with their Boss. (HOW CAN I BE SURE) Mrs. Halo comes in to retrieve her laundry. As Cindy goes to wrap it up, Marge and Dee Dee have an argument about their lack of progress, each one blaming the other. As the fight builds, Mrs. Halo intervenes. (DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET) She rips off her hair and curlers and robe and is revealed to be Johnny Angel, sent down from Heaven to help sort this out. (SECRET AGENT MAN) It turns out Johnny and Marge have a past. Cindy re-enters and asks who Johnny is. Marge, Dee Dee and Johnny improvise a story about Johnny being Dee Dee's old boyfriend. Cindy by this time feels her future is hopeless, and she says she doesn't even believe in love. Marge, Dee Dee and Johnny try to convince her of the possibilities of love, all the while pretending Dee Dee and Johnny are a couple. (WISHIN' AND HOPIN', TELL HIM) In the midst of the playacting, Johnny and Dee Dee kiss and instantly fall in love. Cindy is overjoyed and Marge is miserable. (I WILL FOLLOW HIM, BABY IT'S YOU, DEDICATED TO THE ONE I LOVE, BE MY BABY, JOHNNY ANGEL, TODAY I MET THE BOY I'M GONNA MARRY, I FEEL GOOD, WONDERFUL WONDERFUL) Cindy is moved by this romance and seems to find a bit of faith in love. Marge reveals her true feelings on the subject. (THE LOOK OF LOVE, YOU DON'T HAVE TO SAY YOU LOVE ME) Cindy realizes Marge used to love Johnny and shows her concern, but Marge shakes it off with a bit of advice about putting yourself first. Meanwhile, tension between Marge and Dee Dee builds as Dee Dee forgets all about their assignment and concentrates on Johnny. Marge accuses Dee Dee of blowing the whole thing, and another fight ensues. Marge decides to give up completely. Cindy thinks they are arguing about laundry, and tries to get them to patch up their differences. (WE CAN WORK IT OUT, 'ROUND EVERY CORNER) As Cindy sings of the limitless possibilities the future holds, the angels realize Cindy has come full circle and is now helping them. As the clock strikes midnight and their time is up, the angels see Cindy has found new confidence to put her troubles aside and move on. Marge and Dee Dee realize their job is done, and they, too, can move on. Dee Dee announces her engagement with Johnny ('a match made in Heaven' according to Marge) and much to Marge's chagrin Dee Dee and Johnny perform a little mock ceremony on their way out. (REACH OUT IN THE DARKNESS, CHAPEL OF LOVE) Marge gets a phone call from her Boss regarding her next assignment (something about a guy named Fidel in Cuba) and then says her goodbyes to Cindy. After Marge is gone, Mr. Right comes in. It turns out he was looking for a babysitter for his dog. He asks Cindy if she'd be interested, and she remembers advice from Marge and Dee Dee (she hears strains of 'You Can't Hurry Love' and 'Respect') and decides to take control of the situation herself. She tells Mr. Right she'll give him a call sometime, and goes on closing up the Laundromat. (I KNOW A PLACE, COLOR MY WORLD) Cindy decides this hasn't been such a bad birthday after all. (I FEEL GOOD).
Encore: SHOUT)
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